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If you want to use the `bind-user` attribute, do not forget to use `sib-oidc` for authentication.
### Routing
To redirect to specific pages when you click on a notification, you should:
1. Choose a route to be the default view for a resource type. To do this, add the attribute `rdf-type` to a `sib-route` (ex: `<sib-route name="project" rdf-type="doap:project"></sib-route>`)
2. Add an `extra-context` to the sib-conversation component, so it can understands the `rdf_type` you used before.
For more informations, please see the example at `index.html`
### Design
To customize your component, you can set the css variable `--sib-notifications-theme` anywhere in your stylesheet to the color you want.
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