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......@@ -78,6 +78,7 @@ Filters and searching capabilities can be easily added to interact with the list
- **`next`**: `name` attribute of the `<solid-route>` that should be accessed when a `<solid-display>` element is clicked. See the documentation of `<solid-router>` for more details.
- **`action-xyz`**:
- **`label-xyz`**: Set the label for the field `xyz`
- **`placeholder-xyz`**: Set the placeholder for the field `xyz`
- **`editable-xyz`**: Add an "edit" button next to the `xyz` field to let the user edit it. The changes are saved as soon as the field loses focus.
The editable attribute works with the following widgets: `solid-display-div`, `solid-display-labelled-div`, `solid-display-mailto` and `solid-display-tel`
- **`counter-template`**: To display the number of resources fetched by the `solid-display`.
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