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## Synopsis
This module is an add-on for Django REST Framework that serves a django model respecting the Linked Data Platform convention.
It aims at enabling people with little development skills to serve their own data, to be used with a LDP application.
## Requirements
* Django (known to work with django 1.11)
* Django Rest Framework
* pyld
## Installation
1. Add this module to your application, or place it in a directory included in your PYTHONPATH
2. Create your model normally
3. Add a url in your
from djangoldp.views import LDPViewSet
from .models import MyModel
urlpatterns = [
url(r'^my-model/', include(LDPViewSet.urls(model=MyModel))),
This creates 2 routes, one for the list, and one with an ID listing the detail of an object.
## License
No licence yet. Please wait...
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