Commit da254da4 authored by Jean-Baptiste Pasquier's avatar Jean-Baptiste Pasquier

Merge branch 'fix/depth-0-jabberID' into 'master'

bugfix: get chatProfile.jabberID with depth=0

See merge request !11
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......@@ -88,9 +88,11 @@ export const ChatWindow = {
window.converse_sib = new ConversePlugin();
converse.plugins.add('sib-chat', converse_sib);
let user = await document.querySelector('sib-auth').getUser();
user = await store
const jabberID = user.chatProfile['foaf:jabberID'];
user = await store.get(user);
const jabberID =
user.chatProfile['foaf:jabberID'] ||
(await store.get(user.chatProfile['@id']))['foaf:jabberID'];
const idToken = await document.querySelector('sib-auth').getUserIdToken();
await converse.initialize({
debug: this.element.dataset.debug === 'true',
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