Commit 3d195629 authored by Jean-Baptiste Pasquier's avatar Jean-Baptiste Pasquier

fix: caps of alpha

parent 7b5eda79
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......@@ -109,6 +109,7 @@ export const SibChat = {
if (!jid) {
jid = jid.toLowerCase();
this._converse.root = root;
const converse_el = [...document.querySelectorAll('sib-chat')]
......@@ -167,12 +168,12 @@ export const SibChat = {
'auto_reconnect': true,
'auto_register_muc_nickname': true,
// Quick fix : auto join yourself & target of current route
'auto_join_private_chats': [this.jid],
'auto_join_rooms': [this.jid],
'auto_join_private_chats': [this.jid.toLowerCase()],
'auto_join_rooms': [this.jid.toLowerCase()],
'bosh_service_url': this.element.dataset.boshServiceUrl,
'clear_messages_on_reconnection': true,
'i18n': 'en',
'jid': jabberID,
'jid': jabberID.toLowerCase(),
'locales_url': this.element.dataset.localesUrl,
'message_archiving': 'never',
'muc_disable_slash_commands': true,
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