Commit e1d1969a authored by Alice's avatar Alice

Add iframe serialize link.

parent 66ca619d
...@@ -166,11 +166,7 @@ class Resource (Model): ...@@ -166,11 +166,7 @@ class Resource (Model):
nested_fields=["format", "conversations", "steps", "language", "fields",\ nested_fields=["format", "conversations", "steps", "language", "fields",\
"type", "submitter", "related", "likes", "review"] "type", "submitter", "related", "likes", "review"]
serializer_fields=["@id", "name", "description", "skills", "author", "target", "uri", "publication_year", "format",\ serializer_fields=["@id", "name", "description", "skills", "author", "target", "uri", "publication_year", "format",\
<<<<<<< Updated upstream
"conversations", "steps", "language", "fields",\
"conversations", "steps", "language", "fields", "country",\ "conversations", "steps", "language", "fields", "country",\
>>>>>>> Stashed changes
"type", "submitter", "related", "likes", "review", "sharing", "preview_image", "iframe_link"] "type", "submitter", "related", "likes", "review", "sharing", "preview_image", "iframe_link"]
container_path = 'resources/' container_path = 'resources/'
rdf_type = 'coopstarter:resource' rdf_type = 'coopstarter:resource'
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